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What’s On My Nails?

One of Emma’s creative outlets outside of music is doing nail art.

M.M. Flute Performance, 2021

Bachelors Music Ed, 2019

​Emma is currently a graduate candidate for a flute performance Master of Music degree at Montclair State University, expecting to complete this degree by May 2021. She currently studies with Wendy Stern.

As of May 2019, she graduated from Mason Gross School of the Arts (RUTGERS UNIVERSITY) with a degree in Music Education Comprehensive K-12, and studied flute.

Emma’s goal is to become a public school music teacher as well as cultivate her own teaching music studio. She currently works with ESS as a substitute teacher to continue to improve her skills as a classroom teacher whilst pursuing a performance degree. 

She started playing flute in 2012 for high school marching band. Before that, Emma played violin from 6th-12th grade and was active in the South Plainfield Middle School and High School chamber orchestras, as well as the South Plainfield summer drama pit. 
In high school, she prioritized extending her knowledge of other instruments and participated in orchestra on both violin and upright bass; in band on flute and piccolo (learning euphonium outside ensemble); in choir as a mezzo-soprano; and in jazz ensemble on alto saxophone. 

During her first two years at Rutgers University, Emma participated in an all bassoon ensemble run by Dr. Christopher Wickham called BACOUSTICS. In this ensemble, she gained proficiency on bassoon; as well as gaining first-hand experience making and adjusting reeds. Likewise, through the different area technique classes, Emma studied oboe, cello, trombone, trumpet, mallet percussion, and even found her way back to violin for one of her secondary lesson options. 

Her main goals as a teacher are to: 

1. Be aware of different learning needs and styles, and accommodate to each student’s individual needs.
2. Communicate clearly with both students and families of what is expected as well as areas of strength or areas that need improvement. 
3. Encourage students to be intrinsically driven and motivated to create music.

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